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We also feature some of the best from the soundtracks of your favorite video games.  Most recently, the Skyrim soundtrack was added with the recent popularity of the game and fan soundtracks.

Recently, we have also been looking at some of the legal issues related to blackjack gambling and mobile casino gaming here in the US.  Here’s a little more info on what is going on with California:

The Senate Bill that is concerned with intra state betting, known also as Senate Bill 1390 has seen a lot of progress. As it has been confirmed that the senate bill has been approved unanimously through a voting that took place at the Governmental Organization Committee of California that consists of thirteen members this last week. This means that California will soon supply its citizens with intra state sport wagering. This bill has been proposed by Roderick Wright, the Democrat State Senator. This bill aims to rephrase the present law in order to legalize various forms of sports wagering. Also it aims to allow licensed operators and establishments that include horseracing tracks to offer wagers on different athletic and sport events by being licensed through the Horse Racing Board or Gambling Control Commission of the state of California.

The bill is planned to be viewed in front of the Appropriations Committee starting from the upcoming Monday. Despite all of this progress that is in the favor of the bill, but this bill can’t be transformed into law and can’t be applied before the federal PASPA prohibition is removed. Commenting on this news, the one behind the proposal of the bill, Senator Roderick Wright, stated that the citizens of California already spend billions of cash on sport wagering and casino online gambling apps in other places where sport wagering is considered legal. This is why the state should take advantage of this and legalize sport wagering so these billions can be added to the revenue for the state.

Further information regarding this topic can be found at this quality gambling information website.

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