Radio shows gaming tips

There’s a lot going on in gaming this year.  We hope to get an interview with the guys from Blizzard gaming for our radio shows gaming segment.  Diablo III is coming out on May 15th and we are looking forward to a lot of time spent on that great new game.

Radio shows gaming

Our radio shows gaming podcast on justintv features interviews with the top names in the gaming industry.  From developers like John Carmac and others.  Bethesda is also a popular gaming company that has a lot of serious talent and we have plans to interview those guys as well.

We get a lot of comments about how to produce your own radio show on the net.  Our Radio shows gaming tips guide is currently in development and will be released this June!  In the meantime, if you are feeling reminiscent for a little Starfox, then do a barrel roll and bookmark our site for later.

Thanks guys!


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