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We have listed some good gaming resources

  1. Google gaming news this is  our number one source for the latest game and gaming news online.
  2. is a terrific online poker news site that is in touch with what online poker players are interested in. With news from the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, the site reports about the important happenings in the world of online casino gaming. Tournament winners and poker tournament up and comers are also featured news. Over the past decade, those that are in the poker industry have turned to to find out the how world legislation and attitudes towards the gaming industry will shape the future of the business. Affiliate managers to players grinding their way to the top, they all look to this news source for the most up to date data. With current trends in poker rising as the industry is reshaped into a profitable empire, is there to cover software improvements, new games and the leading people working for issues such as legalization in the US, offshore taxation and the most current promotions from the online casino and poker captains of the industry. Finding out about the latest happenings with Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic is easy with this website. If you want to check on the leaderboards of the big money poker tournaments, that is also readily available for readers of the website. The website has also recently moved from a paid subscription service to a completely free news source for poker players and business minded readers interested in the latest from the industry.
  3. casino site you look at  this UK site you will see there a lot of casino gambling sites so this website helps with reviews, and tips on where you can play casino games online





In Canada

Finding Canadian good gaming sites is not easy, so you might want to us a website to compare the Canadian gaming sites –  this website compares Canadian based Microgaming casino software so you can easy find the good and legal ones.

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