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Guide to Video Games Podcasts and Radio Shows

Podcast and Radio Game ShowsThe technology of gaming is increasing day-by-day. In older times, traditional games were there to play but as the time passes by, the technology is also changing every day. The video games also changed as the time and technology passes by. Now, video games cover all the operating system from Personal Computer to game consoles, from PlayStation to Xbox and smartphones, too. There are dozens of games available starting from beginner level to advanced level.

As a student, you only get limited time to play video games podcasts because most of the students are very busy in their school homework, assignments and many more extra-curricular activity of school or college. If you are a lover or fascinated by video game podcasts, you have to take out some time from your busy schedule to play. If playing video games radio shows is your hobby, then you are left with limited hours. As a student, you cannot spend 18 hours on the games because of your hectic schedule. If you are finding the best video games, then dozens are available but selecting the best is a difficult task to achieve. To help you out from this perplexing situation here is the list and definitions of some good games. These are;

Rooster teeth podcast

Formerly, rooster teeth podcast is known as drunk tank. It is a weekly podcast and its producer’s name is rooster teeth. It also gets best podcast awards in 2012 and 2013 and named as best gaming podcast. On December 9, 2008, rooster teeth podcast released its first podcast. After resealing its first audio podcast, it became one of the most popular podcasts. After some time, it become Number1 most downloaded podcast. As per august 2019, around 556 rooster teeth podcasts episodes have aired. This podcast is very humorous and comedic. It includes all the updates of the latest video games, sports, and various upcoming projects. This podcast also aired some fan-based comedy projects.

Giant Bombcast

The most famous video game podcast is Giant Bombcast. It has a huge fan following. A lot of game lovers love this podcast and very fond of this podcast. Giant bombcast is an American podcast. It discusses all the update of the latest video games, detailed reviews about the games and dogmatic commentaries. It was among the top 50 websites by Time magazine in 2011. In March 2012, this website was acquired by CBS interactive. It is also aired weekly and released a 3-hour episode. Those who don’t have time to watch are really missing something great but if you have time to watch then it is worth spending 3 hours on it. The quality is better from the other podcast and the hosts are extremely humorous.

What’s good games?

The uniqueness of this podcast is that it has 4 four hosts and all are female. Most people think females are less interested in video games and in these kinds of games, but this podcast proved them wrong. This is the main quality that makes this podcast unique and refreshing. This podcast is very funny and witty and describes all the related topics of the gaming industry. Furthermore, the female hosts are very active on all the social media platforms and appreciate the listeners. Female hosts also make the listeners feel special.

Kinda Funny Gamescast

This podcast has two hosts, one is Greg Miller and Tim Gettys. New episodes aired every Monday. This is a great and trending podcast in the gaming industry. It has a rotating crew and every person of the crew is very funny. Greg Miller is the superstar of this podcast which brings knowledge, experience, and humour on sets of kinda funny gamescast. This show includes all the updates about the industry, along with the recommendations and suggestions, and analysis. The maker of the show also brings some special guests on every week to make the show interesting and funny. These special guests bring extra humour and fun on the sets of kinda funny gamecast.

8-4 Play

8-4 is the most essential podcast if we make a catalogue or record of the good podcasts and you can not afford to ignore this podcast. Its hosts are very unique and rhetoric. This podcast show is very unique like its hosts. Its hosts are Chris Ricciardi and Mark MacDonald. The set of this podcast is very decorative and fashionable. It’s been a decade that this podcast is going with great popularity and fan following. The hosts are Americans and moved to japan to start their own firm that translates the Japanese language into English to get the Japanese people closer to to the western people. This is a unique and good podcast for people who get bored from listening to the old shows and want some innovative show and want to hear some new stuff.

The Patch

The patch is produced by the producers of rooster Teeth Company. The patch podcast primarily focusing on gaming industry and it is a video series. Along with the gaming news, this show also focuses on a lot of other entertainments like such as new stories and discussions about these stories. This is not a new podcast, it has around 150 episodes till now.

Idle Thumbs

If you are interested in designing and development of gaming, then this is the best podcast for you. This is hosted by Nick Breckon, Chris Remo, and Sean Vanama. If you are tired and exhausted by your work, then this is the best show for you. It is a very refreshing show that elaborates about indie games. When you switch on this show you will not hear about the same news that is coming on other podcasts and news. It gives you the fresh meat that refreshes your tiredness.

GoNintendo Podcast

Many podcasts that disappear after some time, but this podcast hasn’t missed an episode. GoNintendo Podcast coming from more than a decade. It guarantees its viewers and audiences to get fresh content and data on a regular basis. Its host is Kevin Cassidy, who is extremely hilarious and makes funny comments always. It is a very reliable and authentic podcast.

Three Moves Ahead

If you play a game with a strategy then this podcast is for you. The three moves ahead podcast founded back in 2009. But, after a few years, this podcast became a part of idle thumbs. The hosts of this podcast hosts generally talking about the different strategies of the games. The conversation looks very critical and sometimes as the hosts, they talk about the analytical part of the games. The hosts of these shows generally speaks about the user interface, designing, and strategies of the games.

Gamers with Jobs

Most of the podcasts talks about the kids’ stuff and updates related to video games but this is the only podcast who talk about the adults. The adults who have kids, jobs and their families. This podcast talks about how an adult or a family man can become a part of the gaming world. This podcast hosts talk maturely about video games and the issues that affect the gaming industry. The tone of the hosts are extremely mature and sounds familiar to the adults. It deals with the gaming problems of the adults.

The secret cabal gaming podcast

This is the most interesting and famous gaming podcast. You will feel that you are in between the group of many gamers and playing it if you sitting in the room. You will feel that you are in the boardroom and discussing all the strategies, different kinds of games, miniatures, card games, video games, and other geeky topics. It is a kind of round table conference and it funny and entertaining. If you are exhausted from your all-day work then this game is for you. It makes your mind relax and soothes it.

Game Blitz

The hosts of this show are Join Kelsey and Cody. The length of an episode is around 60 minutes. These two hosts are best and funny. Every week, the hosts argue on a different topic related to the gaming industry and give all the latest update about the news, predictions and game planning for all the generations. It doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a kid, this podcast is for all. This podcast gives a review about all the new games and discuss the strategy of how to play a game and won it.


The beauty of the podcasts is that, might be you are not getting the time to play video games but listening to the different podcasts gives you the same feel because you will get all the updates related to gaming industry. If you are doing a regular job and having a hobby to play games but not getting time. So, this is the thing that you should include in your daily routine and listen to different podcasts according to your choice. The above described podcasts are good podcasts that you are looking for and rely on these podcasts.


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